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McDonald’s definitely not ‘lovin it’! Controversial ad for wage hike makes beloved clown an evil villain

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A controversial new ad has hit the airwaves, depicting Ronald McDonald as a nattily-dressed, chauffeur-driven, cigar-chomping capitalist who’ll plow over his own employees to fatten his already-bulging wallet, smirking, “I’m lovin’ it.”

Produced by Erica Payne’s Agenda Project – the same organization that showed a Paul-Ryan look alike in the last election tossing Granny over the cliff to symbolize replacing Medicare with a voucher system – the purpose of the commercial was to “get people’s attention on an issue that’s so incredibly important,” she told Neil Cavuto, host of Fox’s “Your World.”

Payne revealed that this was the first in a series of ads that would use the McDonald’s character to promote a mandatory higher minimum wage, since the average golden-arches franchise owner made $240,000 in profit last year.

Cavuto told her it was clear she found successful business owners distasteful, but that McDonald’s did employ an awful lot of people.

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“McDonald’s doesn’t pay their workers enough to live on,” she said, contending that 50 percent of all fast food workers in America received government assistance. Cavuto explained to her that the true goal should be for everyone in America to have a job, and then a buoyant economy would raise everyone’s wages.

He queried why not focus on the government which created the problem in the first place, and on fixing an economy still enmeshed in an anemic recovery, instead of vilifying anyone who tries to reign in the growth of government entitlements and reduce taxes and regulations? Fixated on the one company, she said that “McDonald’s made $5.5 billion in profit last year. They could easily raise the wages of their employees.”


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