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Creepy pro-choice ad says politicians should stay out of doctors’ offices . . . really, libs?

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A new ad pushed by the ACLU this week is raising the bar for liberal hypocrisy.

The creepy video stars an off-putting politician pretending to be a doctor examining a patient in order to make the point that politicians don’t belong in your doctor’s office.

Sounds like it could be an anti-Obamacare ad, right?

“Clearly, politicians don’t belong in your doctor’s office,” the ad intones.“But they are interfering with personal medical decisions . . .”

They’re “attacking reproductive healthcare, and we can stop them,” it continues.

And there’s the catch.

If a patient is female and seeking an abortion, the politicians should stay out of the doctors’ offices.

They’re more than welcome when it comes to women seeking free contraceptives.

And if the politician is a botoxed bully from California with a gavel and several hundred like-minded friends, they are greeted with a red carpet.

You won’t be confused at all when you watch this disturbing doctor do ridiculous things to make a ridiculous, hypocritical point. It’s looney liberal logic at its best.

The fact that the doctor is played by The Onion’s Joe Garden might be fitting.

The ad originates from Stand Together, “an ACLU project that focuses specifically on fighting the erosion of abortion rights at the state level,” according to Jezebel.com.

Stand Together describes its purpose:

So far this legislative session, we’ve seen more than 300 attacks on reproductive health care in 38 different states. The bills being debated this year not only mandate political intrusion in private medical decisions, they also threaten to block the use of common fertility treatments, emergency contraception, and abortion. This extreme political agenda is happening inside our state capitols, where we are fighting daily to make sure these dangerous bills don’t become law.

Ads like this are the best they can do?

H/T: Truth Revolt

Michele Kirk


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