Brain-dead on the boardwalk: Folks ‘agree with Obama’ that not liking Mexican food is racist

That a significant number of Americans are not politically sophisticated, well-versed historically, and susceptible to hearsay as gospel has been proven time and time again. Media analyst and political activist, Mark Dice, recently provided yet another example.

Walking the boardwalk in San Diego, he concocted the story that John Boehner had said he did not like Mexican food and that President Obama had called for the Speaker of the House to resign. Did they think Boehner’s racist comments merited his stepping down?

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Needless to say, most of the respondents agreed with the Chief Executive, without batting an eyelash. Only one disagreed with the premise that disliking Mexican food was racist, and no one questioned the validity of the question at all.

When the great lexicographer and political pundit H. L. Mencken was asked to describe the American people in one word, he chose “gullible.” See if you don’t agree.

H/T: Infowars


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