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Tea party groups fight back; protest school’s ban of American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo

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Tea party groups in Northern California are planning to show their colors outside a high school that has banned students from wearing America flag shirts to avoid offending Hispanic students on Cinco de Mayo.

cincodemayo0505The Gillroy-Morgan Hill Patriots in Santa Clara County, at the southern end of the Silicon Valley, are protesting outside Live Oak High School against administrators’ refusal to allow students to attend school if they are wearing the flag, according to the Daily Caller.

The uber-liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ban in February, finding the students’ freedom of speech wasn’t as important as administrators’ interest in keeping the peace on school grounds.

“They silenced a symbol of patriotism and freedom in America,” Gillroy-Morgan Hill Patriots President Georgine Scott-Codiga said in a statement to KCBS, the local CBS affiliate.

The ruling stemmed from a case in 2010, when school administrators sent home students wearing American flags to avoid inflaming racial tensions.

But what’s most interesting about the ruling, is that it clearly acknowledges students could be targeted for violence because they were wearing American flag shirts.

Apparently, it’s considered unacceptably inflammatory for an American student to wear an American flag shirt on an American school campus – if it happens to be the anniversary of a Mexican battle that’s now mainly important to beer companies and the perennially aggrieved.

Only in America.

Check out CBS coverage of the story here.


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