Atkisson says reporters are fighting back: If the left influenced my reporting, I’d only cover the weather

Former CBS News investigative journalist Sharyl Atkisson blasted the current attempt by Obama administration officials to trivialize the pursuit of truths behind the Benghazi attack and cover-up.

Appearing on Monday’s edition of Fox and Friends, Atkisson was asked to respond to comments made on Sunday’s ABC News’ This Week show, downplaying the significance of recent revelations concerning deliberate attempts by White House officials to mislead the public.

“The key words they use, such as ‘conspiracy’ and ‘delusional’ are in my opinion clearly designed to try to controversialize a story – a legitimate news story and a legitimate area of journalistic inquiry,” she responded. “I see that as a well-orchestrated strategy to controversialize a story they don’t really want to talk about.”

Co-host Clay Morris followed up by asking her how she grappled with the pressures and blockades the White house placed before serious reporters.

She told him she just tries to keep her nose to the grindstone. “If I was influenced by the left-wing blogs…I would be left covering…the weather.”

Atkisson related that she recently attended a conference with other notable journalists and Pulitzer Prize winners, who also raised red flags about the Obama Administration’s stonewalling. “In terms of restrictions to press freedom,” she said, “they were all saying we have to speak truth to power and take action.”

Video from WFB:

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