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Yeah, he just went there! Surprising jokes in no-holds-barred Obama roast

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White House Correspondents Dinner headliner Joel McHale’s keynote act was a thing of beauty Saturday night if your name wasn’t Barack Obama – or George Clooney.

The star NBC’s “Community” roasted the nation’s community organizer with a series of zingers on topics from Guantanamo Bay to foreign policy, but dwelled for a bit on the president’s “signature achievement” of Obamacare, which McHale compared to a series of unpleasant events, ranging from human vomit to animal excretions and the latest Johnny Depp movie.

Check it out here. (The Clooney joke starts about 11:20. It’s worth it.)

Throughout the spiel, Obama appeared to laugh gamely, but the Obamacare bits had to have had his stomach turning over – especially that Johnny Depp crack.

Some conservative websites this morning were blaming McHale for not being harder on the president in the rest of his act, and throwing a few distasteful barbs at Republicans in the process. They had a point – the Christ Cristie jokes were not only too numerous, they weren’t that funny; the Ted Cruz jokes bordered on inane; and why comedians allowed to make jokes about gays in the closet as long as they’re Republican gays in the close remains a mystery.

But McHale deserves at least a little bit of credit. This is the Obama Era, when an esteemed neurosurgeon like Benjamin Carson can be called by the White House to apologize for prayer breakfast speech that was intellectually critical of the president’s messianic ambitions.

Comparing the Democrats’ chief political “accomplishment” of the past five years to vomit and canine excretion can make a speech if Democrats can admire — if their name’s not George Clooney.


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