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Vegas magnate brilliantly explains difference between ‘mollycoddled’ actors like Clooney and real businessmen

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Casino/hotel tycoon Steve Wynn separated the wheat from the chaff when he explained the difference between the grit of running a business and the luxury of living a pampered life.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV’s “Market Makers,” he carefully explained his recent spat with movie star George Clooney as a difference of perspective.

Hollywood superstars “live in a very strange bubble of their own,” he said. “They’re mollycoddled, they’re highly privileged. We’re talking about successful artists like George or Barbara Streisand … they live in a relatively small world, the people around them are very solicitous and caring for them…they have a worldview that is therefore ‘Everything should be given to everybody’ because everything has been given to them.”

But as a business owner, he went on to contrast, “If you run a business, if you are responsible for a lot of people, you come to grips with the reality that you have to have discipline. You have to protect the enterprise in order to take care of the employees. So therefore, you can’t be wasteful, you can’t squander things or you jeopardize other people. So running a business gives you a sense of compassion that is defined in different terms than someone who just thinks of themselves as generous.”

Wynn denied that he called President Obama an a**hole in his recent squabble with Clooney, or that Clooney fired back that he was an a**hole, too.

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