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Okla. students selflessly give up class trip for tornado-ravaged neighbors, receive unexpected reward

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After raising money all year for a class trip, the seniors at Quapaw High School decided last week to donate their $2,000 to a relief fund to help their tornado-ravaged town instead. But the business community stepped in with a reward for the students’ selfless generosity.

The class spent Thursday and Friday working on clean-up efforts in lieu of taking the trip to Six Flags in Dallas. As they gathered back at the school Friday afternoon, they would learn the community had raised $35,000 so that they would get their trip after all, according to NewsOn6.com.

“It makes me very proud of my classmates and my friends that they would do this,” senior James Morton said of the trip money that was given to help storm victims.

“The money we raised came from the community, so we wanted to return it,” senior Andrew Lasiter told NewsOn6. “That was only right. They supported us, so we wanted to support them.”

Quapaw High School Principal Terry Tyree said the people at city hall were touched that the class wanted to give that money back to the community.

The community then went into action, and about two dozen donors and an eighth-grade class collected money to see that the students’ good deed didn’t go unrewarded.

There’s more than enough money for the trip, which they’ll take on a charter bus instead of a school bus, and the Six Flags tickets were donated. The students will give some of what’s left over to the relief efforts, and are considering starting a scholarship fund, according to NewsOn6.

“It just shows that even in a small town, big things can happen,” senior Andrew Bayliss said.

Watch the report here via NewsOn6:
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