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Obamas host celebrity-studded champagne party touting Obamacare enrollment

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President Obama has gone to great lengths to tout the success of Obamacare, and on Thursday he and the first lady threw a star-studded party to celebrate.

The health exchange’s rollout may have been fraught with problems, but in the end, more than 8 million people reportedly signed up, inspiring the administration to reward those who helped along the way, according to Time magazine.

The Obamas “cracked open the champagne” for guests, Time reported, adding:

Among the attendees were labor leaders, Democratic operatives and health care activists, as well as celebrities who helped the Administration promote the law, including University of North Carolina men’s basketball coach Roy Williams, former NFL player Eddie George, Friday Night Lights and Nashville star Connie Britton, University of Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma, and actor and former White House official Kal Penn.

The media can take credit for much of Obamacare’s accomplishments, a White House official told Time, which reported:

The President also reminded the attendees that, thanks to their tireless efforts, in last six weeks leading up to the March 31st deadline, 300 radio interviews blanketed the airwaves in key markets. Over five-thousand events were held in key communities across the country. About 350 million followers were reached through social media channels, and there were over 33 million views of videos encouraging enrollment between content produced the White House videos, YouTube personalities, Funny or Die, and College Humor.

“We don’t have time for selfies with everyone,” Obama said, but some attendees tweeted their own photos, including these:

There is still work to be done, Obama said, but he managed to give a “shout-out to the tech team” tasked with fixing the Healthcare.gov website’s multiple problems.

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