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Dr. James Dobson: ‘Come and get me if you must, Mr. President, I will not yield to your wicked regulations’

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Obama and his administration have been waging an overt and powerful war against religious liberty in America. His pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage stand has pushed the radical liberal agenda forward further than it has ever been, but Christian leaders are pushing back.

Rev. Franklin Graham spoke up in March when he decribed how hostile our leaders are toward Christians in an interview with the president of Family Research Council.

“They are anti-Christ in what they say and in what they do,” Graham said.  “And they are pushing this agenda into the military. It’s scary.”

Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family is fighting the same fight as Hobby Lobby , and he is winning in federal court against Obamacare’s abortion mandate.

On Thursday, Dobson described Obama as the “abortion president” during a National Day of Prayer speech and he made it clear he would not compromise his faith for anyone.

From WND:

Dobson noted Alan Sears of the Alliance Defending Freedom, which handled the legal work for his ministry, called it one of the most significant religious liberty cases in American history, because never before has a citizen been required by a chief executive to take the life of another human being.”

He then recalled what he had written in a commentary about the issue.

“I believe in the rule of law, and it has been my practice since I was in college to respect and honor those in authority over us. It is my desire to do so now. However, this assault on the sanctity of human life takes me where I cannot go. I WILL NOT pay the surcharge for abortion services. The amount of the surcharge is irrelevant. To pay one cent for the killing of babies is egregious to me, and I will do all I can to correct a government that lies to me about its intentions and then tries to coerce my acquiescence with extortion. It would be a violation of my most deeply held convictions to disobey what I consider to be the principles in Scripture. The Creator will not hold us guiltless if we turn a deaf ear to the cries of His innocent babies. So come and get me if you must, Mr. President. I will not yield to your wicked regulation.”

Video via Fox News
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