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Obama makes botched execution the new Democrat dog whistle; Remember Trayvon Martin?

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After injecting himself and the White House into the death penalty debate Friday, President Obama once again inflamed a racial controversy – all in an apparent effort to boost the Democratic Party’s chances in the fall elections.

It’s Trayvon Martin all over again.

Photo: U.S. News and World Report

In March 2012, President Obama was facing a tough re-election fight when he used a White House news conference to inject himself and his office into the debate over the black Florida teenager’s fatal shooting.

On Friday, with a disastrous midterm election looming in November, Obama used a White House news conference to inject himself and his office into the debate over the execution of black Oklahoma killer Clayton Lockett.

As Neil Munro points out at the Daily Caller, the president’s statement was all the dog whistle Democrats and their media acolytes needed to make the death penalty and racism the focus of the midterm campaigns.

No matter what that might cost the country.

The resemblance between the two cases is striking.

Both times, Obama’s racial appeal was explicit. In 2012, when asked about murder charges filed against George Zimmerman, the Hispanic man accused of shooting Martin, Obama said, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

On Friday, when asked about Tuesday’s botched execution of Lockett, Obama said: “We have seen significant problems — racial bias, uneven application of the death penalty, situations in which there were individuals on death row who were later on were discovered to have been innocent. … And all these, I think, do raise significant questions about how the death penalty has been applied.”

There was zero evidence, outside dishonest media hype, that Zimmerman’s fight with Martin had anything to do with the teenager’s race. In fact, the most compelling evidence of any racial bias came from Martin, who called Zimmerman a “creepy-ass white cracker” in a phone conversation with his girlfriend minutes before the shooting.

Likewise, there has been no believable accusation that racism played a role in sentencing Lockett to death after he was convicted of the brutal killing of a white teenager in Oklahoma in 1999. It was the president of the United States who brought race into that one.

In both cases, Obama injected himself into the debate willingly, using questions at news conferences that he could have avoided or answered without controversy.

In both cases, the president needlessly and baselessly escalated the debate in an obvious bid to inflame his liberal base.

In both cases, the Democratic Party and its perpetually aggrieved base of minority activists and self-loathing white liberals stood to benefit politically from the fallout.

After Obama’s statement on the Martin killing, the case became unstoppable fodder for every race-baiting liberal outlet in the country, from Obama’s re-election in November until Zimmerman’s acquittal in June, and the riots that followed.

How long racism will continue to cloud the Lockett discussion and remain in the public eye will be up to the liberal media and hate-mongers like Al Sharpton and his posse at MSNBC.

Because on Friday, they got the green light from the White House.


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