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Group of Marines let off steam; belt out lyrics while watching Disney movie

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As far as viral videos go, it doesn’t get much more fun than watching a group of Marines belting out lyrics to a Disney tune while huddled in front of Disney movie.

Bill Nuche, identified on his Facebook page as a U.S. Marine currently stationed in Texas, posted the video of his “fellow Marines” playfully singing along to “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen.”

Video from You Tube: piers mettrick

According to Nuche’s Facebook page, command was not amused:

May 1 – Well I did not no that my video would get this popular. Yep the colonel will probably be puttin us on lockdown anyway now…….

May 1- One of our NCOs came to inspect the barracks. Apparently a Facebook friend of his shared my video. He requested I take it down. So I shall. But it’s already out there. There is no stopping it now, mwah ha ha!
May 1 – Well I never knew I could get this much attention for the video. Some of my fellow marines think it was foolish of me to post it but to all of you who support it, thank you for your support
It’s kind of hysterical that they knew all the words and added such animated motions. Clearly our fierce and brave protectors have their own way of blowing off steam. Let it go, guys!
Michele Kirk


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