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Bob Beckel has a fit, admits WH covered up Benghazi: ‘So what!’ Americans don’t care anymore

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Bob Beckel, the rock solid liberal who helps co-anchor Fox News’ “The Five,” lost his cool in the wake of the latest Benghazi cover-up revelations.

During a discussion on Thursday regarding the implications of emails ascertained by Judicial Watch, Beckel angrily rejected the notion that the discovery carried much weight, according to the clip.

Prefacing his remarks by saying, “Let me shake this up a bit,” he went on to admit that “someone, somewhere” in the White House thought it would be in the best interests of the presidential campaign to change the talking points and the narrative about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

But he then went off on a tangent about kidnapped girls in Nigeria. When co-host Eric Bolling tried to bring him back to topic, he erupted like Mt. Vesuvius.

“Like Hillary Clinton says, ‘We know Islamic radicals killed these people – what difference does it make anymore?” he clamored, pounding his fists on the table.

“Because they covered it up, Bob,” retorted Bolling.

“So what!” Beckel yelled. “Every administration covers things up.” He continued that Americans today don’t care what happened back then, and that the Republicans were strictly using this for its political value at this time.

You Tube video from jim hoft:


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