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Sean Hannity calls out Jay Carney’s lies: ‘That’s called selling your soul’

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It’s been a tough week for White House press secretary Jay Carney, and it didn’t get any better when Sean Hannity called him “Obama’s paid liar.”

“He’s become nothing short of a complete and utter laughingstock,” the Fox News host said on his show Thursday.

Hannity recapped the press briefings that have occurred since the release of emails incriminating the Obama administration in a cover up of the Benghazi consulate attacks, and the explanations offered.

“That’s called selling your soul for political purposes,” he said.

Carney’s handling of the press’ questions over the Sept. 2012 attack was described by Hannity as petulant and condescending.

“Hey, remember Baghdad Bob?” Hannity asked. “He’d be proud.”

Watch Hannity’s rant here via Fox News:

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