Marine who lost all four limbs serves his country again, as a source of inspiration

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Four years after losing both arms and both legs in Afghanistan, Marine Sgt. John Peck is once again serving his country — this time as a source of inspiration for a classroom full of sixth graders.

Students at Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, D.C., were treated to a visit by the wounded Marine, and sat spellbound as he spoke of his life, according to the local Fox affiliate.

Peck shared with the class his reaction after waking up from months of sedation and learning that he lost all four of his limbs to an improvised explosive device.

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“I used some very bad language,” he confessed. “I told nurses to get out of my room. I did not want anyone around me. I hated everyone. That was probably one of the worst days.”

But he explained to the class that one day he simply decided to stop feeling sorry for himself. When a student asked Peck what he looked forward to, he replied, “I look forward to being married in November.”

The answer prompted a round of applause.

Sixth grader Michaela Herdoiza helped arrange Peck’s appearance after visiting wounded veterans with her family.

“We went to the Super Bowl event at Walter Reed [Army Medical Center],” she told Fox 5. “And we got to know some of the soldiers, and we were so inspired by them. And we just loved to hear all of their stories. And we thought all of our classmates would love to hear them as well.”

Prepare to be inspired.


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