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‘Stuck on stupid:’ Allen West calls out Charlie Rangel for ignorant remarks on ‘racist’ Tea Party

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west-gretaU.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., took to the House floor Monday to attack the tea party, saying the movement does not believe the Union won the Civil War and uses the Confederate flag to represent groups.

“[In] some parts of the United States of America they don’t believe that the Union won. The reason I come to that conclusion is that … I have never seen so many Confederate flags that represent groups that are proud of the fact that they call themselves the tea party,” Rangel said.

One might think Rangel would find camaraderie with a movement based on the acronym for “Taxed Enough Already,” considering he was formally censured in 2010 for violating House ethics rules, in part for trying to avoid paying taxes he owed.

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Rangel went on say today’s Republicans are yesterday’s Dixiecrats, and they hate President Obama “as much as their predecessors probably hated Abe Lincoln.”

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren highlighted Rangel’s remarks Wednesday, with former congressman Allen West on as a guest.

“First of all I would say that his comments reflect a gentleman stuck on stupid,” West replied, when asked to interpret what Rangel said. “I was recently out in Colorado, as a matter of fact I posted a picture on my Facebook page, of the Rocky Mountain Black Tea Party. That, in fact, should totally discredit any of the comments that Charlie Rangel has made.”

West said he has spoken at a number of tea party events and has “never seen a Confederate flag there.”

“What I believe is that do you have people, they come and they infiltrate so that they can create that one single moment, that optic that people like a Charlie Rangel or others on the left can use to say that these people are racist or what have you,” he added. “Well, that’s not the case.”

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