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Democratic lawmaker denies racist outburst caught on tape, national media yawns

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Marie BurkeA Democrat official in New Jersey is under fire after a forensic lab identified with 85 percent certainty that it is her voice heard uttering a racial epithet on a voicemail message.

“This is terrible,” a female voice is heard saying in the background of the message. “This is terrible. This is gonna be a f—— n—– town.”

The racist tirade is allegedly from Marie Burke, a Belleville councilwoman and candidate for mayor, according to the Star-Ledger — the newspaper does not identify Burke as a Democrat in the April 29 article.

The Blaze reported that Burke is also an Essex County Democratic Committee municipal chair.

The recorded message was intended for a city councilman. A male is heard discussing a tax rate increase, when Burke allegedly chimed in.

Burke denies that it is her on the recording, blaming her opponent, incumbent Mayor Raymond Kimble, of dirty campaign tactics, the Star-Ledger reported.

Kimble said he was given the tape in October and turned it over to a forensics lab in Michigan last week.

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“It’s her,” said Edward Primeau, director of Primeau Forensics Lab. “It’s the same person. Her speaking style, her pacing. The delivery of all the words spoken in both samples are identical.”

While the national media is slow to cover the story, The Blaze reported that Burke is beginning to feel some heat from the local community. A member of the Belleville Municipal Employees Association is seen here telling Burke to acknowledge her “mistake” at a council meeting:

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