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Chaffetz passionately interrogates the general: ‘We should have tried’ to save them, but deferred to State Dept.

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Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-UT  lit up during his interrogation of retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Robert Lovell during Thursday’s House Oversight Committee Hearings.

“Lovell’s testimony is the first from a member of the military who was at Africa Command at the time of the attack,” according to USA Today.

Video via You Tube  (Jim Browski):

Indirectly addressing the White House cover-up, Chaffetz asked, “How quickly did you come to the conclusion that you believed they were al-Qaida affiliates or al-Qaida themselves involved and engaged in this attack?”

“Very, very soon,” Lovell responded. “When we were still in the very early, early hours of this activity.”

The low-keyed general looked like a scolded child as he tried to answer questions, but Chaffetz didn’t hold back.   

“Our people are under attack. There are people dying,” Chaffetz exclaimed. “What are the military doing?”

He went on with passion:

“Were they listening to the sound of the guns? Were they doing what they were trained to do, or were they sitting around waiting for the State Department and Hillary Clinton to call them up and say do something? What did they ACTUALLY do?”

Before the witness could formulate an answer, the congressman interrupted loudly,”Did we do enough, general?”

The group was waiting for the State Department to give them direction, according to Lovell.

“Did they ever tell you to go save the people in Benghazi,” Chaffetz asked finally.

“Not to my knowledge, sir,” was the general’s somber response.

“We didn’t run to the sound of the guns. They were issuing press releases,” Chaffetz added, summing it all up.

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