US soldier held by Taliban since ’09 released in prisoner swap for five Gitmo detainees

The U.S. soldier who’s been held prisoner by the Taliban since disappearing from his base in Afghanistan in 2009 is on his way home, news outlets are […]

School board ‘completely shocks’ parents by announcing condom handouts to sixth graders

An Oregon school district worried about  teen pregnancies is allowing teachers to distribute condoms to students – beginning with sixth-graders. And some parents aren’t happy about the […]

Ticked off Green Beret shreds Gwyneth Paltrow in sarcastic letter: ‘You should receive a medal!’

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow put her foot in her mouth again — and it took a decorated Green Beret to yank it out. The outspoken star of “Shakespeare […]

Denzel Washington’s powerful advice: ‘Put your shoes way under your bed at night . . .’

A popular Academy-Award winning actor delivered a powerful punch of wisdom and humility to a group of aspiring actors Sunday. Denzel Washington told the wannabe thespians how lucky and blessed they were, […]

Frightening: CNN reporter detained by Turkish police while cameras rolled

CNN International correspondent Ivan Watson was covering the unrest in the streets of Turkey Saturday morning when plainclothes police officers closed in and detained him. In a live broadcast […]

‘God will not be mocked’: Pastors on pulpits nationwide plan to do battle this weekend

With little regard for political correctness, pastors are being asked to denounce same-sex marriage from the pulpit this Sunday. In response to recent court rulings that overturned same-sex marriage […]

Dem says send Hispanic GOP governor ‘back wherever she REALLY came from’; no outrage?

Gotta love those Democrat dog whistles. At a campaign forum earlier this month, New Mexico governor wannabe Alan Webber stoked his crowd by asking their help in […]

Brooke Baldwin
CNN host overcome with emotion as parents read vet’s suicide letter

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin became so overwhelmed with emotion after the father of an Iraqi War veteran read part of his son’s suicide note that she struggled […]

Gowdy Kerry
Issa lets John Kerry off Benghazi hook — so Trey Gowdy can have a better crack at him

Accusing Secretary of State John Kerry of trying to “squirm” his way out of testifying fully about what he knows about the Benghazi terrorist attack and the […]

Video of angry guy throwing rock at Lamborghini goes viral
Video of angry guy throwing rock at Lamborghini goes viral

I get pretty mad at people speeding through a residential neighborhood where a lot of children live, but this might be taking it too far. Madness: Adults […]

Hilarious speculation on what job Jay Carney is best suited to do next

Jay Carney’s resignation and his increasingly contentious relationship with the White House press corps made him a prime target for mockery Friday. Especially on social media. Twitter users […]

The fastest way to get through a police checkpoint
The fastest way to get through a police checkpoint

No, you can’t just drive through at a high rate of speed. Sadly, not too many people have time for Jesus anymore.  Madness: Adults brawl at high school […]

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