Tony Blair handles insulting question from liberal reporter like a pro

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s interview with David Gregory on “Meet the Press” on Sunday laid out the twin battles Western leaders are fighting against long-range […]

Action movie kid
Dreamworks dad’s cool video turns son into a super-powered action movie star

Little kids like to pretend to have super powers, but when your dad’s job is at Dreamworks it becomes a reality – sort of. Daniel Hashimoto is […]

‘Fiesta’ theme declared racist at Dartmouth; fundraiser canceled because of one Mexican student

Madre di Dios! Where will it end? Dartmouth students canceled a fundraiser this weekend because the festive name of the event gave one student fits, according to […]

Sarah Palin nails NRA message in one line: ‘If you control arms, you control the people’

A combative Sarah Palin lambasted the country’s liberal elites, saving her harshest criticism for the three men at the pinnacle of power. At a National Rifle Association rally […]

Donald Sterling LA Clippers 2
Clippers owner apologizes, tells his side; NAACP reconsiders lifetime achievement award

The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team has apologized for comments he said were “attributed to him” in a racist audio recording, but it wasn’t […]

Calif. lawmakers vote to put racial filter over history of Obama’s presidency

California lawmakers are already laying the foundation for how Barack Obama’s presidency will be taught in schools. And the most important thing about it will be Obama’s […]

Obama’s latest selfie has Americans begging him to show some class

It appears President Obama didn’t get the White House memo on banning selfies, because he’s done it again. Obama posed with the Malaysian prime minister while visiting […]

JFK library
Sneaky Illinois Dems retreat from $100 million Obama library following backlash

Illinois legislators are backtracking on hasty plans to spend $100 million it doesn’t have to land Barack Obama’s future presidential library and museum. Public ridicule has dogged […]

Cops: ’This is not a public place right here, this is ours’
Cops: ’This is not a public place right here, this is ours’

Both lawmen in this video should be fired. Their behavior is disgusting and illegal. One of these days, I hope the police in this country learn the […]

Dad ‘breaks up’ with rap music for sake of his daughters, but misses the real point

A national blogger on parenting has sparked a national conversation about a real “war against women” being waged in this country – and he’s doing it on […]

milk 2
Nanny state of the week: Conn. lawmakers want to ban whole milk in day cares

A bill proposed by a trio of state lawmakers in Connecticut would prohibit day-care centers from feeding whole milk or 2-percent milk to any child older than […]

Donald Sterling LA Clippers
Racist rant rocks sports world; media downplays Democrat-leaning politics

The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team is in hot water after a recording surfaced of his 10-minute rant about black people attending Clippers games. […]

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