Fox’s Dana Perino exposes libs who got vicious with gay Republican running for Congress

Lib hypocrisy when it comes to blacks and women who step off the reservation is legendary – just look at Ben Carson or Sarah Palin. But let […]

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Driver who struck and killed teen on bike is suing dead boy’s family

A heart-breaking tragedy has seemingly turned into an endless nightmare for one Canadian family. A woman who killed their son in an automobile accident is suing the […]

How to start a bonfire with a hot rod
How to start a bonfire with a hot rod

I wonder if Survivorman knows about this. Cops: ’This is not a public place right here, this is ours’ Woman throws hand grenade like a girl, chaos […]

Disturbing video: Father kicks young son down steep skate ramp then walks off

A father in Florida may face charges of child abuse after he was captured on video kicking his son down a skateboard ramp, then walking away. The […]

The idiot's guide to brushing your teeth
The idiot’s guide to brushing your teeth

All over the world, teenage boys and young men do crazy and dangerous stuff in the name of producing cool online videos. I often wonder if I […]

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‘Obama Doctrine’ isn’t sexy, the president can’t explain it to reporters; where are the Palin bashers?

President Obama told international reporters on Monday that he knows his foreign policy might not be “sexy,” but he’s playing a small-ball game. “You hit singles, you […]

Tony Blair loves painting of him by greatest living president

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair spoke admiringly on Meet the Press Sunday about former President George W. Bush’s painting of him, saying he […]

William Shatner responds to O’Reilly’s ‘pinhead of the week’ honor; will there be a match-up?

Actor William Shatner, having been designated “Pinhead of the Week” last week on “The O’Reilly Factor,” turned to Twitter Sunday evening to embrace the distinction. In the “Back […]

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NBA fans’ game signs are a slam dunk; team reacts to owner with class

The controversy over the Los Angeles Clippers owner’s racist rant continued throughout social media Sunday, as the team fell to the Golden State Warriors in game four […]

Community outrage forces squatters out of Florida soldier’s home

Community outrage accomplished what Florida law could not. Squatters who moved into soldier Michael Sharkey‘s home after he was deployed to Afghanistan and defiantly refused to leave […]

Obama in Malaysia
Obama delivers backhanded slap to US in Malaysia; backbone missing again

President Obama was critical of Malaysia’s human rights record during a news conference Sunday with the country’s prime minister, but he did admit that the United States […]

Florida Five: Legislature faces busy final week, Fla. is home to next conservative rising star

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: BONUS: Poll: Charlie Crist 42%, Rick Scott 42% Fla. legislature faces a busy final week of session: The 60-day […]