Rachel Maddow outraged over ‘creepy’ transparency in the voting process

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow took exception Thursday to a new Wisconsin law that allows observers to monitor the check in process for voters, telling her viewers “it’s […]

‘Voting dead’ and possible large-scale voter fraud investigated in NC

A North Carolina elections report released Wednesday suggests that hundreds of people may have voted in two states, and dozens somehow cast ballots from the great beyond. […]

Sarah Palin in Ft Myers
Sarah Palin slams Ryan budget, hints at 2016 plans

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is not impressed with U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget. Palin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday the spending plan would […]

Obama Ortiz selfie
White House cries foul over Samsung’s use of Obama-Ortiz selfie

The White House isn’t pleased with what phone maker Samsung has done with a selfie snapped Tuesday by designated hitter David Ortiz during the Boston Red Sox’s […]

Shock jocks Opie and Anthony explode over Obamacare, call for a ‘revolution’

It is safe to say that Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia, hosts of the Sirius/XM radio show “Opie & Anthony Show,” are no fans of Obamacare. […]

Obama mojo falling as networks refuse request for prime-time slot

Broadcast networks turned down President Obama’s request for a prime-time slot Tuesday to deliver his highly-partisan, spike-the-football, reality-challenged “we sold 7 million Obamacare policies” speech. The president […]

Left blames Fort Hood shooting on George Bush in warp speed

It didn’t even take 24 hours for the left to politicize Wednesday’s shooting at Fort Hood Texas. In addition to using the tragedy as a springboard for […]

Florida Five: Sarah Palin campaigns for fellow ‘mama grizzly,’ Senate passes ‘warning shot’ bill

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Will Weatherford says state pension deal is possible: As the Florida Legislature concluded the 30th day out […]

Dying dad walks daughter, 11, down aisle because he won’t be there for her wedding day

A California father gave his daughter a special gift for her 11th birthday — one that was just as special to him. He walked her down the […]

Florida sheriffs attack citizens’ right to keep guns in Katrina-like emergency

A Florida Senate committee on Tuesday approved a measure allowing law-abiding gun owners the right to carry concealed weapons when evacuating their homes during emergencies. The bill, […]

Ouch! Guy crashes $450,000 Lamborghini Aventador
Ouch! Guy crashes $450,000 Lamborghini Aventador

A V-12 engine in a car that can reach 217 mph can be tough to handle. It’s even tougher if you’re trying to impress the tall, leggy […]

This is how a real man peels potatoes
This is how a real man peels potatoes

His wife asked him to peel potatoes, he peeled potatoes. Viral video of Amish picking up and moving an entire house Watch crazed unicorn disrupt newscast H/T: […]

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