‘CNN in the toilet’: Liberal TIME columnist trashes other Networks, gives love to FOX News

A liberal New York forum audience got a surprise Sunday, when moderator Jeff Greenfield and guest Joe Klein agreed that the only evening news program worth watching […]

Widow loses $280,000 home over $6.30 property tax she didn’t know she owed

A judge in Pennsylvania has approved a sale that could cost a widow her home over a debt of $6.30 in unpaid interest on money she owed […]

Michelle Obama Boxwood Winery crop
Michelle Obama spotted at exclusive resort for weekend ‘loungin’ and nappin” time

After the long Easter weekend of church, eating and the White House Easter Egg Roll, Michelle Obama was spotted Friday allegedly checking in at the Salmander Resort for […]

Obama gives more attention to the NBA drama than the VA scandal

President Obama seems to pay more attention to the NBA than he does to the VA. It took only a day after the word spread about controversy […]

electile dis 2
Anti-Boehner ‘electile dysfunction’ ad costs tea party candidate his teaching job

An edgy campaign ad has cost House Speaker John Boehner’s Republican primary opponent his teaching job. After the ad’s launch, tea party candidate J.D. Winteregg was fired […]

juggler 2
Florida Five: Legislators have a lot of balls up in the air for final week of session

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Medical marijuana bill clears Florida Senate: Epileptic children who suffer from debilitating seizures would be able to legally […]

Cruz Kerry 2
Bipartisan outrage explodes on John Kerry for ‘apartheid’ comments; Ted Cruz calls for resignation

In a scenario reminiscent of the famous “gotcha” secret tape recording of Mitt Romney speaking candidly in a private home, Daily Beast reporter Josh Rogin snuck into […]

Mammogram technician did the unthinkable, falsifying 1,300 test results; her punishment will disgust you

A woman who pled guilty to falsifying 1,300 mammogram reports at a Georgia hospital received a surprisingly light sentence in a plea deal. After hiding positive mammogram […]

What do you do when a live hand grenade lands by your foot?

A soldier in basic training is lucky to be alive, thanks to the quick thinking of his instructor. The Fort Still, Okla., trainee hurled a live hand […]

Bible at Texas school
Texas elementary school student says teacher took away her Bible during reading time

Controversy is brewing in a Texas elementary school where the family of a second-grader accused a teacher of taking the girl’s Bible away during “read to myself” time […]

bully 2
‘Revenge of the Nerds’ anti-bullying ad hilarious to some; offensive to others

VH1 released an anti-bullying video that is raising eyebrows. “Revenge of the Nerds” serves as the theme of the ad, where bully victims sing along to Gloria […]

united nations building
United Nations an anti-American hotbed of scandals and defeats

The United Nations is a strange place. It’s a group that demonstrates the absurdity of using an endless process of toothless diplomatic negotiations to arrive at peace […]