Video: Purse-snatchers, mess with mom and you get a Texan with a gun

The good guy had a gun.

The store had a surveillance camera.

And both were pointed in the right direction this week when a pair of would-be purse-snatchers in Texas found out the hard way how an armed population can handle crime.

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The incident occurred Monday, when a mother of two crossing a Houston-area parking  was accosted and nearly dragged by two people who tried to snatch her purse and drive off, according to KHOU-TV. Fortunately, an armed passerby was on hand to put a halt to the crime and keep the man and woman who assaulted the victim on the ground until police arrived.

The best part is, after the thugs were under arrest, the armed Samaritan entered the Family Dollar store the victim had just left and bought some candy for his kids, then headed out – just another job well done.

Check out the KHOU-TV report here. It should bring a smile to your morning.



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