Ouch! Student attempts back-flip during graduation

Channeling his inner-Carl Edwards, a Davenport University student decided to celebrate after receiving his degree by performing a back-flip on stage — a decision he quickly regretted.

Edwards is a NASCAR driver know for celebrating a win at the track by doing a back-flip off his car.

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Making a rude entry into the real world, Robert Blank‘s journey began with a face plant in front of hundreds of people.

MLive Media Group reported:

After walking across the stage and shaking hands with university administrators, Robert Jeffrey Blank removed his cap, planted his feet in place and attempted a backflip.

It didn’t go well.

Blank failed to rotate quick enough, and appeared to land face first on the stage, drawing a gasp from the audience. He didn’t appear to suffer any serious injuries, though, as he can be seen quickly getting up and walking off stage.

Tom Tillison


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