Gohmert prods Obama to keep ‘I won’t rest’ promises : ‘I know it’s a lot of work to play that much golf’

  • “Not one single veteran falls into homelessness”
  • “We’re succeeding in generating jobs”
  • “Businesses are investing”
  • “We build an economy”
  • “In our efforts to help people”

“He’s made so many pledges – pledges are not going to do it, that he won’t rest,” Gohmert said after reading the list.

Carlson asked if he feels Obama has rested.

“Well, I don’t call all these golf outings resting, Gohmert said. “I mean, I know it’s a lot of work to play that much golf. What I’m saying is another hashtag won’t do it. Another promise that ‘I won’t rest’ won’t do it. People need to be held responsible.”

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


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