‘Dirty Jobs’ episode on Congress: Mike Rowe dishes and they’re not going to like it

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Actor Mike Rowe appeared Tuesday on Capitol Hill, and had a pretty grim response when asked by an elected official if there may ever be a “Dirty Jobs” episode about a member of Congress.

“With respect, some jobs are just too hideous to contemplate,” the former host of the Discovery Channel program said, according to The Blaze.

Rowe was testifying before the House Natural Resources Committee about a skills gap in the country.

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“In all 50 states, everybody I talked to who owned a small business said, ‘the single biggest challenge we’re facing right now is finding people who are willing to retool, retrain, reboot and learn a truly useful skill from the ground up — and work, show up early, stay late and work,’” he told members of the committee.

“I know that sounds old school, but it really did become a recurring theme,” he added.

When a Democrat lawmaker suggested immigration reform would help, Rowe responded that a shortage of skilled labor isn’t as much of a problem as is the attitude many Americans have toward blue collar jobs.

“It’s social anthropology — we want our kids to have something better we did — and that’s perfectly normal,” he said. “The question is, what is that? What does that even mean?”

The Blaze scored an exclusive interview with the actor “in an unidentified SUV, somewhere in DC.” Check it out:

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