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They still don’t love us! Protesters burn Obama in effigy in the Philippines

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Don’t they remember Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Photo: Brietbart.com

Protesters chanting in the streets of Manila on Monday burned figures of President Obama and Filippino President Benigno Aquino III to protest a 10-year defense pact, apparently fearing their country will be put in danger by an American promise of support in the event of a dispute with their neighbors, according to media reports.

Chanting “no-bama, no bases, no war,” the leftist crowd paraded the figures of Aquino and Obama portrayed as a dog pulling its master in a chariot to show what they think of the relationship between the two countries, according to NBC News.

The crowd hurled rotten tomatoes and eggs at the characters before they burned the whole shebang, the Philippine Star reported.

The protesters claimed to be angry about the agreement between the Philippines and the U.S. that allows American military forces to use Filippine territory in the case of conflict in the Pacific. The deal does not include actual American bases in the Philippines, where the U.S. had a substantial presence until Clark Air Force Base closed in 1991 and the Subic Bay Navy Base closed in 1992.

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Still, the protesters weren’t happy, and they weren’t shy about showing it. (A particularly nice touch was putting skulls instead of stars in the union part of the flag.)

One big difference between liberals and conservatives is how they look at “spontaneous” demonstrations like this — when a bunch of ill-mannered savages decide to put Old Glory to the torch to show off how brave they are. When a Republican’s in the White House, libs assume it’s all our fault.

When a Democrat’s in the White House — even one as “progressive” and antithetical to American values as the one in there now — it still burns conservatives up to watch the country dissed like this.

No matter, though. After even after five years, the Obamabots in the States will probably find a way to blame all this on Bush.

Check out the video here. It might remind you of Iran 35 years ago, or Libya less than three.

No matter how much anyone hopes, some things never change.

H/T: Breitbart.com


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