The only thing more awesome about this Marine’s name is what happens when he makes Captain

Does this guy have a great name or what?

capnamerica0429A young Marine with the last name of “Merica” caught a camera’s eye, and the popular imagination, as this image started popping up Tuesday in conservative websites like the Independent Journal Review and the Federalist Papers.

“I can’t wait for him to become captain” enthused the headline on the Young Conservatives, where it apparently originated.

That set off a round of comments on the YC website over the likelihood of a lowly E2 (private first class) making it to that exalted status in the Marine Corps.

One commenter, saw it differently, though.

“He’s a Marine PFC, which makes him the equivalent of an Army or Air Force captain. :)”

Any guess which branch that guy was from?

CORRECTION: This post originally included an incorrect comparison of ranks between the Marine Corps and the Army. The reference has been removed.


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