press Clippers 1
NBA comes down hard; bans Clippers owner for life, $2.5 million fine and more

The NBA sent a strong message to LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, announcing Tuesday afternoon that he would be banned from the game for life for racist […]

Miami citizenship test FAIL: Bad news for Biden

This video is so funny it’s frightening — especially if you’re Joe Biden. The Immigrant Archive Project, non-profit group that documents the immigrant experience, took a camera […]

Fred Thompson
Fred Thompson’s two-sentence take down of Chicago’s presidential library plan

Former GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson is a regular on Twitter with witty comments, so it’s no surprise he couldn’t resist the urge to pan the idea […]

Democratic congressman Alan Grayson accuses his wife of bigamy

Congressman Alan Grayson D-Fla. is asking for an annulment from his wife of almost 24 years on the grounds of bigamy. Grayson filed a counter-petition to his […]

Bibi, Crowley 1
‘Sorry, Candy, Whoa!’: CNN Candy Crowley no match for Bibi Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu gave a fumbling cable news host a lesson in basic Middle East Politics during a Sunday CNN broadcast. When “State of the Union” host Candy Crowley […]

The only thing more awesome about this Marine’s name is what happens when he makes Captain

Does this guy have a great name or what? A young Marine with the last name of “Merica” caught a camera’s eye, and the popular imagination, as this […]

They still don’t love us! Protesters burn Obama in effigy in the Philippines

Don’t they remember Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize? Protesters chanting in the streets of Manila on Monday burned figures of President Obama and Filippino President Benigno […]

Labor nonprofit fails to disclose years of lobbying activity, still avoids IRS scrutiny

In an era of heightened scrutiny against tax-exempt nonprofits, one left-leaning labor group may be ripe for investigation. Critics of the Restaurant Opportunities Center United Inc. have […]

‘CNN in the toilet’: Liberal TIME columnist trashes other Networks, gives love to FOX News

A liberal New York forum audience got a surprise Sunday, when moderator Jeff Greenfield and guest Joe Klein agreed that the only evening news program worth watching […]

Widow loses $280,000 home over $6.30 property tax she didn’t know she owed

A judge in Pennsylvania has approved a sale that could cost a widow her home over a debt of $6.30 in unpaid interest on money she owed […]

Michelle Obama Boxwood Winery crop
Michelle Obama spotted at exclusive resort for weekend ‘loungin’ and nappin” time

After the long Easter weekend of church, eating and the White House Easter Egg Roll, Michelle Obama was spotted Friday allegedly checking in at the Salmander Resort for […]

Obama gives more attention to the NBA drama than the VA scandal

President Obama seems to pay more attention to the NBA than he does to the VA. It took only a day after the word spread about controversy […]