Sarah Palin nails NRA message in one line: ‘If you control arms, you control the people’

A combative Sarah Palin lambasted the country’s liberal elites, saving her harshest criticism for the three men at the pinnacle of power.

At a National Rifle Association rally Saturday in Indianapolis, Palin ridiculed President Obama for slashing the military budget and showing weakness abroad. She skewered Vice President Joe Biden for telling his wife to fire warning shots in the air if she’s attacked. And she bashed Attorney General Eric Holder for suggesting that all gun permit holders wear ID bracelets.

“When our president, our congressmen, our anti-gun mayors are protected by bodyguards, wearing guns, and our banks, our jewelry stores are protected by guns, but our children, they’re protected by a thin, tin sign that reads, ‘Gun Free Zone,’ yeah, like that’ll stop the bad guys,” the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee told an enthusiastic audience at the “Stand and Fight” rally. “That is stupid on steroids!”

Palin said the Justice Department was ridiculous in defining Maj. Nidal Hasan’s murderous rampage at Fort Hood as workplace violence, saying the world should know that in America, “waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

But Palin really got the adrenaline flowing among the 13,000 NRA attendees when she accused Democrats, referring to them only as the undefined “they,” of trying to dismantle the Second Amendment.

“If you control oil, you control an economy,” she said, according to video of the speech posted on You Tube. “If you control money, you control commerce. But if you control arms, you control the people.”

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