Talks rev up about Holder’s exit

Attorney General Eric Holder has told high-ranking Justice officials that he will remain the president’s sentinel at least through the mid-term elections, according to Reuters.

Holder hinted last year that he did not plan to serve through Obama’s entire second term, and a recent fainting spell in February reminded him of his mortality. A favorite whipping boy of the opposition Republicans, Holder remains one of the president’s closest confidants.

“The Attorney General does not plan to leave before the mid-terms. That does not mean that he is definitely leaving after the mid-terms, just that he is at least staying through that time,” the official said, according to Reuters. The Washington Post confirmed this, adding that Holder would “not commit” to serving beyond December.

His date of departure has been a source of much discussion in Washington because it is such a dual-edged sword. If he leaves before November, the issues of “Fast and Furious,” the IRS investigation, leniency for nonviolent drug offenders, voter IDs, deportation enforcement, and his Contempt of Congress citation move front and center into the public conscience. If he leaves after November and the GOP captures both chambers, then confirmation of his successor could prove exceedingly difficult.

In any event, rest assured the controversial Attorney General will remain in the public spotlight for at least the next six months.


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