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RNC spokesman passionately stands up to CNN host for linking Republicans to racism

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Costello_SpicerCNN anchor Carol Costello tried in vain Friday to link Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy‘s recent racially insensitive comments to the Republican Party.

Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer was on as a guest, and Costello’s opening question left little doubt as to her direction, according to The Daily Caller.

“There are some who say that Mr. Bundy’s racial comments affect the Republican Party as a whole,” she began. “In your mind, does it?”

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Rejecting her analogy, Spicer pointed out that “when similar incidents happen time and again on the left, there is zero coverage.”

Costello stayed on point, playing a video clip of a Crystal Wright, editor of ConservativeBlackChick.com, who was critical of those who where quick to “embrace” Bundy.

“When conservatives rally around someone like Mr. Bundy without checking him out, that hurts African-Americans,” Costello offered as she summarized Wright’s remarks. “They feel it.”

“That’s just patently not true,” Spicer fired back. “The issue of Cliven Bundy has absolutely nothing to do with this party. Zero. He is a Nevada rancher that had a beef with the federal government’s continued overreach.”

Spicer added that it is “absolutely ridiculous” that “every Republican” needs to answer for Bundy’s comments, before going back to his earlier point that when similar incidents happen on the left, there is zero media coverage.

Turning to her next guest, Daily Beast columnist Ron Christie, Costello hoped to realize better success, but again hit a wall.

“I agree with what Sean had to say, and it’s a very important point to make here,” Christie said. “Mr. Bundy does not speak for the Republican Party.”

Even then, the CNN host pressed on, oblivious to how clear her bias was, as seen here:

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