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Liberal website Gawker aghast that GOP candidate featured a cannon in campaign ad

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Hoping to usher in a “Republican revolution” in the 2014 election, a congressional candidate in Georgia armed himself with a real-life cannon in a video ad.

John Stone, running in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, launched an ad described on his Youtube page as an “opening shot” in his campaign, firing the weapon on camera, the liberal website Gawker reported.

Woman throws hand grenade like a girl, chaos ensues

“My forefathers used a cannon like this one to fight the British in Savannah and win us a Constitution,” Stone said in the video. “As the only licensed firearms dealer in America running for Congress, I’m willing to do the same if we have to. But it’s a whole lot easier just to vote in new House Republican leaders who will simply stand up to Obama and defend our Constitution.”

Adam Weinstein, a staff writer at Gawker, jumped at the opportunity to attack a Republican candidate for mentioning President Obama in a video that features a cannon, suggesting the reference had ominous meaning.

“Meet ‘the only licensed firearms dealer in America running for Congress,’” Weinstein wrote, “and by his own account, maybe the only congressional candidate ‘who will stand up to Obama’ with a cannon if necessary, which it won’t be, if only you’ll vote for him.”

But then, this is the same guy who thinks “climate change deniers” should be arrested, tried and jailed, according to PJ Media.

Tom Tillison


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