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Dr. Phil counsels ‘Obama’ and ‘Putin’ in laugh-out-loud therapy session

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The White House couldn’t have been laughing.

“The Tonight Show” Jimmy Fallon and actor Christopher Duncan teamed up with pop psychologist Dr. Phil to explore some international relations Thursday – and the results were a riot.

As long as your name wasn’t Obama.

Woman throws hand grenade like a girl, chaos ensues

With Duncan playing the president, Fallon impersonating Russian President Vladimir Putin and Dr. Phil as himself, the three explored why Barack and Vladimir can’t get along. The answer seemed to be one of the two was clingy, needy, insecure and as inept as he was unpleasant.

The other one was Russian.

“It’s like, I try and I try and I just can’t get through!” the fake Obama whines.

“You mean like Obamacare website?” “Putin” answers.

Check out the clip here.

The White House couldn’t have been laughing. But you will be.


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