BLM responds to Texas land grab accusations: It’s already ours

Texans are proud of their “Don’t Mess With Texas” bumper sticker, and the Bureau of Land Management is about to find out why. The agency’s Oklahoma Field […]

A widower learns he’s going to be a grandfather; and your heart’s going to melt

A woman who lost her mother 20 years ago has known since she got married that her father was anxious for a grandchild. When she got the […]

RNC spokesman passionately stands up to CNN host for linking Republicans to racism

CNN anchor Carol Costello tried in vain Friday to link Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy‘s recent racially insensitive comments to the Republican Party. Republican National Committee spokesman Sean […]

Dr Phil
Dr. Phil counsels ‘Obama’ and ‘Putin’ in laugh-out-loud therapy session

The White House couldn’t have been laughing. “The Tonight Show” Jimmy Fallon and actor Christopher Duncan teamed up with pop psychologist Dr. Phil to explore some international […]

Ann Coulter sees ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in Bundy Ranch standoff

The biggest lesson in Nevada’s Bundy Ranch standoff is how it’s angered conservative America, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said, urging Republicans to channel that passion in the […]

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.
NRA crowd roars at famous sheriff’s suggested ‘7 words to add to Second Amendment’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. was a huge hit Friday at the NRA’s annual meeting, telling attendees he’d like to add seven words to the Second […]

George Clooney’s shouting match over Obama at posh dinner: ‘Greatest fight in Vegas history,’ says TMZ

The latest feud over Obama has Hollywood wags clamoring, as billionaire casinos owner Steve Wynn and mega-star George Clooney got into it in Las Vegas recently. The […]

Defiant high school changes pledge of allegiance; replaces ‘God’ with ‘peace’

A Wisconsin high school is defying state law by removing “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. Instead of saying, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and […]

Liberal website Gawker aghast that GOP candidate featured a cannon in campaign ad

Hoping to usher in a “Republican revolution” in the 2014 election, a congressional candidate in Georgia armed himself with a real-life cannon in a video ad. John Stone, running […]

Talks rev up about Holder’s exit

Attorney General Eric Holder has told high-ranking Justice officials that he will remain the president’s sentinel at least through the mid-term elections, according to Reuters. Holder hinted […]

Fired-up NRA challenges Bloomberg: ‘Let’s see who crushes who’

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre was in a fighting mood at an annual meeting Friday, bashing former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his gun control […]

Actor Tim Allen brings Benghazi to sitcom TV; slams ‘socialist’ Calif., Obama’s integrity

“Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen really is a conservative – he doesn’t just play one on TV. And it showed his week. When Allen appeared on […]