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NRA to push Congress for right to carry firearms across state lines

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The National Rifle Association kicked off its annual convention Friday in Indianapolis, with the quest to continue protecting the Second Amendment rights of Americans high on the agenda.

Despite renewed efforts by gun control advocates to restrict the right to carry a firearm, the NRA is looking to push legislation to strengthen gun permits when crossing state lines.

According to The Associated Press, the 5 million member organization wants Congress to require that concealed weapons permits issued in one state be recognized everywhere, even when the local requirements differ.”

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“It is vital because crime can and does happen anywhere,” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told the Associated Press. “Just because an individual or a family crosses one state boundary to another doesn’t mean they are immune to crime.”

Currently, some states recognize gun permits issues in other states, but the NRA website notes that at least 10 states do not.

“It takes some legal research to find out where you are or are not legal depending on where you are,” said Guy Relford, an attorney who has sued communities in Indiana for violating a state law barring local gun regulation.

With a Democrat controlled Senate, the NRA’s chances to affect concealed carry laws are slim, but it has had success in defeating gun-control efforts in the wake of several recent tragedies involving guns, the Associated Press reported.

“Everyone thinks our strength comes from money,” spokesman Arulanandam told the Indianapolis Star. “It doesn’t. Our strength is truly in our membership. We have a savvy and loyal voting bloc, and they show up election after election after election.”

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