IRS employees who didn’t pay their taxes got staggering bonuses

According to a government watchdog, the Treasury Department doled out $2.8 million in bonuses to IRS employees having disciplinary problems — and more than a third of that amount went to 1,146 employees who didn’t bother paying their own taxes.

The report was announced Tuesday by the Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration, according to USA Today.

Tax cheating IRS agents weren’t just rewarded with bonuses. USA Today reported:

The bonuses weren’t just monetary. Employees with tax problems received a total of 10,582 hours of paid time off — valued at about $250,000 — and 69 received permanent raises through a step increase, the report said. The report looked at bonuses in 2011 and 2012.

Employees’ tax problems included “willful understatement of tax liabilities over multiple tax years, late payment of tax liabilities, and underreporting of income,” the report said.

“We take seriously our unique role as this nation’s tax administrator, and we will strive to implement a policy that protects the integrity of the tax administration system and the reputation of the service,” IRS chief Human Capital Officer David Krieg said in a written response to the audit.

Although the agency considers disciplinary matters before giving bonuses to senior agency executives, to make that policy apply across the board would require negotiations with the National Treasury Employees Union.

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79 thoughts on “IRS employees who didn’t pay their taxes got staggering bonuses


  2. shavager says:

    PEOPLE, PEOPLE—as of 2013–there were some 312,000 FEDERAL employees–including aides in House, Senate, and Federal agencies that OWE a STAGGERING $3.5 BILLION–yes, BILLION in BACK TAXES to the IRS! There are 36 DemocRATS in Obama’s executive office staff that owe $333,000 in BACK TAXES–so “Mr. Stick it to the RICH”–has staff and aides WHO OWE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS IN BACK TAXES! The Education Dept and the Housing and Urban Development agencies have the MOST employees who OWE back taxes.

  3. emiliani says:

    Man, as much as Obama disgusts me, I have to give him credit: he’s jamming it right in Republicans’ faces, and Republicans can only moan and groan about “the process”. Republicans have absolutely no strategy, no game plan, and no answer to any of this; so they keep getting absolutely schooled.

    Republicans complain about Obama getting his balls cut off by Putin as Obama holds theirs in his nicotine-stained fingers!!!

  4. Guest says:

    It’s past time to dissolve that corrupt union…

  5. PatriotGranny says:

    Let’s look at this from the standpoint of them being employees, leave out who their employer is. People who have disciplinary problems should not receive bonuses – raises, increased paid leave, etc. No matter where you work this should be true. For those who did do their job, they should get whatever they deserve and whether or not they owe taxes should not matter. If I work for Bob’s Machine Shop and am an exemplary employee, should I be denied raises, bonuses, increased paid time off just because I may owe back taxes? I don’t think so. That being said, on an entirely different subject, if IRS employees owe taxes, the same steps should be taken to collect it that are taken with anyone else who owes back taxes. And perhaps an IRS employee that can’t pay their taxes shouldn’t be employed by the IRS. Kind of like a credit counselor filing for bankruptcy…

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