Hannity hits back hard at ‘comedy hack’ Jon Stewart — who’s ‘kind of obsessed’

Fox News host Sean Hannity tore apart comedic critic Jon Stewart on the “Sean Hannity Show” on Tuesday, accurately branding Stewart a “comedic hack” and his Comedy Central crew “the chief apologists of the Obama administration.”

“He does suck up a lot,” Hannity said.

In particular, Hannity went on the attack over Stewart’s show Monday night, where Stewart mocked Hannity’s coverage of the Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada.

Check out Hannity’s take here.


Hannity’s comments were all dead on, but there’s an even broader question here. The confluence of the entertainment-political complex in the Age of Obama has turned the entire tradition of American comedy and “protest” on its head.

Comedians and entertainers used to be at odds with the “dominant culture” but that’s been eroding for years. Now, with a progressive in the White House and liberal domination over the Senate, late-night comedy and popular music are more than ever walking in lock step with those who would be rulers of their countrymen, rather than leaders.

Meanwhile, Stewart and his ilk – the Lettermans, the Fallons, the wretched musicians – pose as courageous because they attack the hosts of Fox News – the one network that consistently holds the kind of adversarial relationship with the administration that journalists used to pride themselves on.

“He does suck up a lot,” Hannity said about Stewart.

He was talking about the whole class.

America’s ruling class.


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