Female GOP Senate candidate ad has a good laugh crushing libs’ ‘war on women’

Terri Lynn Land, the Republican candidate to flip Michigan Senate seat now held by retiring Dem. Carl Levin, turns the “war on women” table on her lib opponent with 15 seconds of silence that speaks volumes.

The ad is funny, but Land is a former Michigan secretary of state and a deadly serious candidate. In a recent column, George Will called her probably the Republicans’ best defense against the “war on women” attack.

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Her opponent is Gary Peters, a liberal, Obamacare-breathing congressman whose biggest claim to fame so far is branding one of his own potential constituents a liar for going on national television to say Obamacare has disrupted her treatment for leukemia. (For more, see the U.S. News and World Report column, “Gary Peters’ shameful war on a brave woman.” Peters apparently prefers his wars on women to be one-on-one affairs.)

In her first TV ad of the campaign, Land calls out Peters for his “war on women” nonsense, then lets her silence do the rest.

The so-called “war” is another lib lie. Nothing more needs to be said.

Check out the ad here.

H/T: Town Hall



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