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Deputy loses it on retired Marine who was taping her entire meltdown

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barberA North Carolina deputy sheriff was caught on video losing it during an encounter with a retired Marine combat instructor, who she claimed was “being aggressive.”

Onslow County Sheriff’s Deputy Natalie Barber responded to a dispute between neighbors and became noticeably agitated when Carlos Jaramillo offered a Veterans Affair card as a form of identification, Raw Story reported.

Barber asked for a driver’s license and can be heard in the video raising her voice when Jaramillo hesitated.

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“Ma’m, by you continuing to raise your voice, I’m not going to do anything,” Jaramillo tells her.

The deputy then ordered the vet, who was recording the incident, to put his phone down.

“For my safety, put the phone down!” Barber screamed when Jaramillo said he was recording for his own safety. “I’m telling you to put the phone down!”

She then grabbed the phone out of his hand and handcuffed him.

Jaramillo called for his son to come out record what is happening, but Barber demanded that he get back in the house.

“I’m snatching everyone’s phone and I will take everyone in!” she yelled.

Jaramillo, who was not charged, was eventually released after a second deputy arrived. According to Raw Story, he was “reportedly” told by the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department that Barber acted appropriately because she feared for her life.

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