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Backfire! The NYPD hashtag that went terribly wrong

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The New York Police Department turned what they thought would be a social media blitz into a public relations nightmare with a Twitter hashtag campaign #myNYPD.

The idea was to get residents to take snapshots depicting positive encounters they’d had with New York’s finest and post them on Twitter — the best photos would then be posted on the NYPD’s Facebook page.

Here’s the tweet that started the ball rolling:


What they got in response wasn’t at all what they expected. Here’s one from writer/filmmaker Layla Sola:


Oops! Then they started coming in fast and furious:






This one looks fine, until you read the sign they’re standing next to.


There were also some favorable ones, like this from writer, blogger and conservative political activist Synnove Bakke, but they were much too few and far between:


Conclusion? They should have seen this one coming. Some genius just didn’t think this one through.

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