Texas AG to land-grabbing feds: ‘Come and Take It’

After the standoff between federal officers and a Nevada cattle rancher, the Bureau of Land Management set its sights on Texas, and the Lone Star State’s attorney […]

‘Squatters’ took over soldier’s home after he was deployed; outrageous law lets them stay!

A soldier being deployed to Afghanistan is sure to have a lot on his mind, but having squatters take over his home while he is away is […]

Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair gives powerful speech that should put Obama to shame

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned western nations Wednesday that the threat of violent Islam is spreading “across the world” and the West must take sides […]

Reid ethics
GOP chair scorches ‘dirty, unethical’ Harry Reid; party files ethics complaint

Finally fed up with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s low-rent, bullying tactics, the Louisiana Republican Party on Wednesday filed a formal complaint against Reid with the Senate […]

Deputy loses it on retired Marine who was taping her entire meltdown

A North Carolina deputy sheriff was caught on video losing it during an encounter with a retired Marine combat instructor, who she claimed was “being aggressive.” Onslow County […]

Hannity hits back hard at ‘comedy hack’ Jon Stewart — who’s ‘kind of obsessed’

Fox News host Sean Hannity tore apart comedic critic Jon Stewart on the “Sean Hannity Show” on Tuesday, accurately branding Stewart a “comedic hack” and his Comedy […]

state dept 2
CNN’s panel cracks up when State Dept. spokesperson can’t name Hillary Clinton achievements

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee once again became a thorn in State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki’s side Tuesday when he asked a question that has stumped America […]

Watch cop chase speeding ninja bikers
Watch cop chase speeding ninja bikers

These ninja bikers always make me nervous on the highway. You never know when one of them is going to take off at 120 miles per hour. […]

Scalia scolds Sotomayor for ‘shameful’ racial accusations on affirmative action ban

Whenever race becomes an issue, passions tend to rise — even among the justices serving in the nation’s highest court. In a 6-2 decision, the U.S. Supreme […]

Moose fights back against idiot snowmobilers
Moose fights back against idiot snowmobilers

These snowmobilers chased a moose and got what they deserved. It made me angry hearing the woman in the video say she was trying to get her […]

Megyn Kelly, Brit Hume have too much fun mocking Al Sharpton

Fox News host Megyn Kelly was having plenty of fun on her show Tuesday at the expense of race hustler Al Sharpton, even prompting normally dry Fox News […]

Female GOP Senate candidate ad has a good laugh crushing libs’ ‘war on women’

Terri Lynn Land, the Republican candidate to flip Michigan Senate seat now held by retiring Dem. Carl Levin, turns the “war on women” table on her lib […]