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What Krauthammer says is ‘the single stupidest remark about foreign policy ever uttered by a US president’

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Conservative columnist David Brooks’ comment Sunday about President Obama’s manhood may have dominated political news Monday, but Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer said that was the least of the president’s problems.

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Brooks said that Obama has “a manhood problem in the Middle East,” and may not be tough enough to stand up to leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Krauthammer took it a step further.

“This is not a manhood issue with Obama,” he said. “This is an issue of a complete absence of strategic thinking. It’s not a question of the heart; it’s a question of the head. This administration, this president did not have a strategic idea in their head.”

Krauthammer recalled the “first grade speech that Obama made about foreign policy” at the United Nations in 2009, when he said no nation can or should dominate another.

“Without a doubt, the single stupidest remark about foreign policy ever uttered by a president of the United States,” he called the comment.

Watch Krauthammer’s remarks here via Real Clear Politics:

Watch the entire segment here via Fox News:

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