‘Trapper John’ goes off on media Obama worship; ‘He should be impeached!’

Here’s a side of Trapper John that never showed in “the swamp.”

waynerogers0422Former actor Wayne Rogers, who played the Trapper John straight man to ultra-liberal Alan Alda’s Hawkeye on “M*A*S*H” laid it out for Eric Bolling on Saturday when the “Cashin’ In” host asked how it is that President Obama remains so popular with the liberal elite.

The answer was refreshing, for its accuracy as much as for its passion.

“He’s held in high esteem because the media doesn’t expose him, that’s why,” Rogers said heatedly.

“This man has lied a documented – documented – 252 times to the American public,” he said, citing the infamous the “obvious” Obamacare baloney. “But the press does not nail him. He should be impeached!”

Rogers, now an 81-year-old businessman, Fox News contributor and chairman of the Wayne M. Rogers & Co. investment firm, called out The News York Times and its Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal for particular scorn.

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“These are people who are constipated by their own ideology, that they cannot see that this man is telling a bold-faced lie right to their face … Nobody nails this guy.”

When Bolling agreed — playing a snippet of the Jon Stewart interview with Obama to prove the point — Rogers continued.

“Other than Fox News and a few other places … nobody nails this guy,” he said.

“And when you read, as I said, if you read the op-ed page of the New York Times, you’d think you were living in a different country. These people don’t do anything.”

He isn’t a doctor but he played one on TV.

And that constipation diagnosis is dead on.


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