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‘Pardon power’: Obama and Holder at it again!

Obama holder
Photo Credit: Dallas News

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President Obama, through his attorney general, Eric Holder, is giving thousands of tried, convicted and sentenced drug offenders a “get out of jail free” card citing “fairness” as the underlying reason.

He’s once again ignoring Article Two of the Constitution, requiring the president to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” and instead is executing the laws as he wishes they were written.

“But what exactly is fair about telling the justice system that President Obama knows best?” asked Fox News host Megyn Kelly Monday.

She brought on former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy who offered his analysis.

“Just as the president uses prosecutorial discretion as a pretext for changing a whole bunch of laws he doesn’t like,” McCarthy said, “he’s now moved on to the pardon power.”

McCarthy said Obama is using this power to re-write the narcotics laws that he personally believes “are too severe.”

McCarthy said that although the president has the pardon power, when used to this extent, it’s a “massive abuse” of that power.

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