‘Disturbing new evidence’: Bundys tell Greta what they discovered Feds doing

The question on everyone’s minds when Bureau of Land Management officers first swooped in to take over public lands being used for grazing by the Cliven Bundy family was, “why did they bring in bulldozers?” The answer was to dig mass graves for Bundy cattle.

Bundy’s wife Carol and daughter Stetsy Bundy appeared “On the Record” Monday and told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren that so far they’d discovered the carcasses of eight of their cattle lying in shallow graves.

“Four from the pit, two in the corral and then two bulls out on the range that we found,” Stetsy Bundy acknowledged.

When asked if the bureau had offered any explanation, Carol Bundy said, “We don’t communicate with the BLM as to why they do whatever they do.” She added that the cattle that were euthanized included “mother cattle” to increase the herd, and “steers that we send to auction.”

In addition to killing the cattle, bureau officers had unnecessarily destroyed improvements made to the public land by the Bundys to make it more suitable for grazing, according to Stetsy Bundy.

Watch the interview via Fox News.


U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., also appeared “On the Record” and told Van Susteren that this was another example of “outrageous overstepping by federal authorities.”

Watch the exchange via Fox News, then check out “Laura Bush shows ‘pure class’ in message to Clintons.”



245 thoughts on “‘Disturbing new evidence’: Bundys tell Greta what they discovered Feds doing

  1. emiliani says:

    …and meanwhile the Feds are planning on opening the prison doors to 10s of thousands of drug felons. It makes all the sense in the world — if you’re a commie intent on provoking good, decent folk.

    There’s an old adage: when you’re kind to the cruel, you’ll always be cruel to the kind.

  2. Richard Carew says:

    Look into the history of the federal government. This is not the first time by a long shot, that they killed a ranchers live stock in an attempt to bully the ranchers into compliance. They did it many times during the great depression.

    Absolute power, corrupts absolutely. This is the reason resistance is so important to those who are not willing to roll over and play dead. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

  3. working4change says:

    This is goin yo end badly…. wish they would back off. But for sure Barry or one of his allies will send a fake supporter of bundy to start a fire fight with feds.

  4. gjsmith_62 says:

    Looking forward to the IRS/all delinquent Federal employees, Sharpton and Buffett being subjected to snipers and harassment for unpaid taxes.

    After all, what’s good for the goose, no?

    Yeah sure and Obama will resign in disgrace like Nixon.

  5. waybackwhen says:

    And people are worried about Cliven’s comments on whether African Americans are better than when they were slaves?
    Soon, with Obama’s plans “we will all be slaves”!
    Bundy is a rancher and has worked 24/7 as a rancher. There is always something to wake you up in the middle of the night! I NEVER thought I would see the day that people like Harry Reid could decide he needs land for his financial ladder climbing over the laws and rights of Americans!
    Currently there is a land grab in Texas of 90,000 acres of ranchland, paid for, titled and taxes paid!
    Americans need to get a backbone liberal or conservative we will all be living in on government owned property and bowing down to the FEDS!
    Bundy stopped paying the fees because the FEDS were not doing maintenance on the public lands, such as water wells and riverbeds, which is what the fees are meant to do! Bundy used that money, not paid to the FEDS, to keep the cattle alive!
    Why would someone have 160 acres of family lands and throw them away for grazing fees. This million $$ figure is fines levied by the FEds!
    The BLM has admitted they have so much public land they CAN’T AFFORD TO MAINTAIN IT!

  6. Arden Hale says:

    Yeah… Anybody here a good researcher? The left is attempting a smear campaign on his ancestry and its a good bet that they’re lying. The Times already tried a smear by editing that video and his black bodyguard refuted it.

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