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Dem candidate’s ad actually brags about writing Obamacare legislation

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While most Democrats are distancing themselves from President Obama and Obamacare, one candidate is using her involvement with the legislation as a positive in a new campaign ad.

Rep. Allyson Schwartz serves in Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district and is running for governor. But before she can take on Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, she must first get past three other Democrats in a hotly contested primary.

“I worked with President Obama on the Affordable Care Act in getting health coverage to all Americans,” Schwartz says in the ad. “It was my legislation that said insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for kids with pre-existing conditions. It’s something I’m proud of because it also closed the gap in prescription drug coverage for seniors.”

The ad may play well in Schwartz’s heavily democratic district in the Philadelphia area, but with Obama’s approval at 43 percent across the state, according to Politico, the message may come back to haunt her.

Watch the ad here:

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