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Harris-Perry’s ‘brilliant’ strategy: Dems should get cocky, mock those with canceled plans

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MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry came up with a “brilliant” strategy Sunday for Democrats, suggesting they tell millions of voters who lost their healthcare plans due to Obamacare to “just deal with that.”

Complaining that Democrats have “no confidence, no swagger” from passing Obamacare, Harris-Perry thinks it’s a good idea to mock all those President Obama lied to about being able to keep their healthcare plan if they liked it, Newsbusters reported.

“Democrats,” Harris-Perry said. “You know, the same party that passed and defended and implemented the most sweeping social policy in decades, who can say that millions of people now have affordable health insurance that they didn’t have before. And they’re not even owning it. No confidence, no swagger. No, ‘Yeah, you can’t keep your crappy plans. Just deal with that!'”

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Twitter users couldn’t resist responding to such brilliance, as documented by Twitchy.com:

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