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Tiny kittens accidentally packed in box miraculously survive their journey

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Two lucky newborn kittens with their umbilical cords still attached were found in a shipping box Wednesday by a surprised California communications employee.

Longtime San Diego warehouse worker JC Collins told reporters he was startled to find two black kittens clinging to life when a Cox Communications co-worker opened a box filled with fiberglass equipment, KGTV 10News reported.

“They were very, very lucky that they didn’t fall out of it in transport or when we were unloading the truck,” Collins told the TV station, saying he contacted his nephew, who happened to work at the San Diego Humane Society.

The shelter, by another stroke of fortune, happens to have one of the few 24-hour kitten nurseries in the United States, and it provided the little fur balls immediate attention.

“What we think happened was the mom had the babies and she put them in a safe spot … and she left,” nurse Jenny Bonomini told reporters, “Then they got boxed up and they got shipped.”

In a tribute to the scene of discovery, the shelter staff named the kittens Mouse and Wifi. They will receive 24-hour care at the Humane Society for a few weeks, and will then go to a foster home, 10News reported.


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